Improve your retail decision making
using real-world consumer insights

Daily actionable brand, consumer & market insights with unprecedented accuracy at your fingertips

Retail brands improve their retail & media impact using Accurat's real-world behaviour understanding:

Consumer, brand & market insights

  • Understand visits & audiences attracted
  • Evaluate your brand's performance on multiple levels
  • What competitors do your customers visit mostly?
  • Benchmark results with your (in)direct competitors
“As a CMI department, trustworthy data is of essence. Accurat's strategic insights have proven to be a new cornerstone."

Delphine De Noyette
Strategy Manager

Understand, optimize or grow your network

  • Detailed insights of your catchment area
  • Understand local traffic & compare with competitors
  • Analyze store remodellings or new local entrants
  • Analyze local potential to improve (re)allocations
“Accurat has provided us insights about each of our showrooms that we use to benchmark with local competitors & derive actionable insights."

Peter Zijlstra, Marketing Director Benelux

Understand & reach behaviour-based audiences

  • Understand your penetration for 200+ audiences
  • Create custom real-world behaviour based audiences
  • Understand the potential of different reach solutions
  • Leverage location-based triggers for targeted reach
“After having decided which real-world behaviour to influence, we determined our targeted reach with stunning results."

Ifke Nauwelaerts
Communications director

Measure drive-to-store impact for your campaigns

  • Evaluate drive-to-store impact for (D)OOH, door to door, digital (folders), TV, radio...
  • Calculate each touchpoint's ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • Evaluate the impact on specific audiences or locations
  • Compare results across campaigns & your industry
“We managed to analyze our print folders' drive to store contribution & improved our distribution for future success”.

Britta Rhym, Marketing director

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