Door-to-door optimisation

Although online marketing channels seem to take the upperhand nowadays, the relevance of traditional leaflet marketing can not be underestimated. However, it is important it is organised as efficiently and effectively as possible since paper prices are going through the roof and municipal taxes are rising. Cost-cutting in your door-to-door distribution budget requires serious thought. Instead of surfing blind and merely lowering frequency or dropping zones based on vanity metrics, it is possible to target highly potential zones with minimal loss of impact.

Lower your door-to-door budget while maintaining maximum impact
Understand the ins & outs of each distribution zone

Know where (loyal) customers live by comparing your market penetration across distribution zones.

Evaluate your door-to-door distribution with other KPIs such as average distance to store or share of visits per zone...

Get an overview of metrics such as amount of digital folder readers and taxes for each zone.

Understand local competitiveness to take informed decisions

Discover for each distribution zone how your competition is performing

Find out the highest share of visits, the market penetration or the shortest travel time to  your competors' locations and so much more. 

Determine high potential zones by comparing metrics of your competition with yours.

Optimise your distribution plan with a multitude of insights

Remove current distribution zones that show least drive-to-store impact, yielding limited additional business.

Weigh key criteria with variable costs to eliminate the relatively most expensive zones.

Determine audiences such as discount users or loyals & focus on the zones where they live.

Compare new distribution plans with your current situation and notice impact visually.

Improve step by step & evaluate impact as you go

Filter the metrics of your choice to immediately see the impact on your distribution to make informed decisions.

Launch your changes and closely follow up behaviour impact for the dropped zones: do you lose visitors? do they switch?

Download results with the export module to easily discuss strategic choices internally.

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What our clients say

“We managed to analyze our print folders' drive to store contribution & improved our distribution for future success”.
Britta Rhym
Marketing director