Store performance

The overall success of a business depends on the performance of individual stores. The performance may vary by store as they face different challenges due to their different geographical location. That’s why it’s important to closely monitor and manage the performance of individual stores to in turn improve them. On Accurat’s dashboard you can easily zoom-in on the performance of an individual store. The performance of the individual store can be benchmarked with your other stores or with close competitors.

Understand your position in the local market of a store.
Understand the performance of a single store

Find out how a store is performing according to certain KPIs and benchmark with the average values over all your stores.

Detect the differences between a specific store and others also visually after selecting the stores your interested in. 

Discover how loyal customers of a specific store are compared to your other stores using different metrics such as number of locations combined and average frequency.   

Benchmark with your neighbours

Compare (visually) the KPIs of a specific store with the competitors in your close neigbourhood that you are interested in. 

Spot how visits in your local market are distributed across you and your close competitors. Who has the largest share?

Benchmark the loyalty measures of a specific store with the stores of your competitors and with the local market average

Track your evolution

Analyse how the KPIs of a specific store are evolving over time.

Monitor the impact of a new entrant or a marketing campaign to take action in a timely manner. 

Follow up how the local market is evolving and compare with the evolution of your own KPIs. 

Target potential customers

Identify which type of people (student, single...) live close to a specific store and target them with special offerings or a local campaign. 

Convince the people that live in the local shopping area of a specific store but shop in other municipality.

Broaden your service area by targeting potential customers that live further than the average distance customers travel. 

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