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Some of the questions we help answer...

Can I use my current catchment area to improve my distribution zones?

Know where your relevant potential lives: both current customers as well as easy to convert potential shoppers. Improve your distribution plan for zones with highest sales potential.

What relevant potential am I missing out on? Can I improve targeting?

Target audiences based on demographics, mobility behaviour, social class or define your relevant potential. Accurat suggests zones with highest selectivity for your chosen target audience.

Where does my folder distribution have the highest impact?

Analyse the results of your different door-to-door campaigns. Measure drive to store impact and understand the incremental visits of your campaign. Increase ROI of your future efforts.

Can’t I just use my own sales data? Why is this better?

By looking at sales data you ignore the impact of traffic drivers such as weather, holidays, campaign efforts.. Loyalty card analysis miss out on your non-card users. Accurat looks at all consumers and isolates impact of your door-to-door efforts via our smart attribution algorithm.

Can I improve my door-to-door ROI?

By selecting more targeted zones or focusing on zones with the best drive-to-store performance, your ROI will be guaranteed to improve.

“We managed to analyze our print folders' drive to store contribution & improved our distribution for future success”.

Britta Rhym, Marketing director
Read the full Brico case : Optimizing Belgium's largest DIY retailer’s folder distribution

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