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Improve your door-to-door campaigns' ROI

Make your paper business as data-driven as your online efforts. Improve the impact by targeting the right audiences, drop zones powered by data-driven insights and monitor the impact of your changes closely.

Some of the questions we help answer...

Can I improve my zones using my KPIs? Can I protect my strong zones?

Evaluate your distribution plan with a broad range of key performance indicators. Understand KPIs for your brand such as market penetration, share of visits, distance to store; for your competitors such as # of competitors in a zone, their share of visits and more.

What relevant potential am I missing out on? Can I improve targeting?

Target audiences based on demographics, mobility behaviour, social class or define your relevant potential. Accurat suggests zones with highest selectivity for your chosen target audiences.

How are my competitors performing in my distribution zones? Better or worse than me?

It is best to adapt your distribution plan based on the traffic at your competitors. Find out how your competitors are doing in the different distribution zones with the relevant KPIs.

Where does my folder distribution have the highest impact?

Analyse visually different door-to-door campaigns. Notice the impact of removing distribution zones with the least drive-to-store impact or the relatively highest costs. Increase ROI of your future efforts.

Can you evaluate the long term impact of my changes? Did I make the right decision?

Week by week, we help you measure and compare the impact loss in terms of visits and compare with a relevant control audience. As soon as zones tend to drop more than accepted, it's time to redo (y)our homework.

“We managed to analyze our print folders' drive to store contribution & improved our distribution for future success”.

Britta Rhym, Marketing director
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