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Audience insights

Understand 200+ audience behaviours for your brand & compare with competitors

Some of the questions we help answer...

What audiences do you attract and how do you measure up with competitors?

Compare your market penetration & loyalty stats for 200+ pre-defined audiences. Create custom audiences based on real-world behaviour and understand all relevant brand metrics.

Can I understand a specific audience behaviour?

Did not find the right behaviour audience in our 200+ pre-defined audiences? Create your own audiences by combining different behavioural patterns.

Is the audience loyal? Who is your biggest competitor?

Are the customers with a specific audience behaviour loyal? Or do they combine your brand with that of competitors? Who is attracting them mostly?

What is the best channel to reach your audience? Who offers the highest reach?

We evaluate for a growing number of solutions, such as OOH, folders, digital folders and our partner network where you can reach your audiences best.

“Accurat has provided us insights about each of our showrooms that we use to benchmark with local competitors & derive actionable insights."

Peter Zijlstra
Marketing Director Benelux

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