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Lead your industry with Brand & Category insights

Understand how your brand benchmarks across your industry competitors.
Closely follow up how key metrics evolve over time for all category players.

Some of the questions we help answer, both nationally & regionally...

How does traffic for your brand compare to your competitors?

Our 'KPI view' shows how your brand is evolving compared to last year and how you benchmark with your competitors for most relevant KPIs. Diving deeper is done via the different modules.

What is your footfall day-to-day? What is the trend for you and your competitors?

Benchmark the traffic at your locations over time for your brand and evaluate with your (in)direct competitors. You can monitor individual brands or a set of locations such as 'all independent stores'.

How are key metrics evolving over time? For you and your competitors.

Compare all key performance indicators such as loyalty, dwell time, frequency and more for the last 13 months. See how you are doing and compare with the competitors of your choosing.

How loyal are your customers? What brands are your customers combining?

Split your customer base into primary loyals, secondary buyers and occasional visitors. Get to know the brands your customers are combining you mostly with and see how numbers evolve over time.

Where did your 'switchers' went? Do you have a net influx of customers?

Understand your customers' category visits and evaluate to what extent they have switched to your brand coming from others (or the other way round). Compare net results from period to period (e.g. last month) or get to know switching behaviour from last year.

Am I underserving customers on a specific time or day?

Some brands are more locally embedded and show clearly different metrics when it comes to when people visit or how long they stay. Understand the differences and act accordingly to the gaps with your competitors.

What defines my customers? How does this differ from others?

Do you attract mainly commuters or people coming from home? What's the family composition of your customer base? Zoom in to benchmark your performance with competitors for primary loyals, lapsed customers ... and even audiences you define yourself.

What is your catchment area? Where are customers coming from?

Understand the distance your visitors travel to your locations. Benchmark insights with your competitors and understand blind spots. Export all data and continue your deep dive journey in the tools you prefer.

All of the above insights are available for every location. In this case, your local presence is benchmarked with nearby competitor locations.
Read more about our 'Local & Network insights' solution.

"Quick access to reliable data is crucial. It is the reason why Accurat acquired in no time a permanent place in the set of analytical solutions we use to underpin our strategic decisions."

Roel Dekelver,
Director Communications and Stakeholder Management

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