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Plug & Play location-based features

Embed our SDK, start collecting first party data and add location-based benefits in no time

Some of the questions we help answer...

Can I easily reach my users based on their location?

Our notification builder allows to create triggers on specific locations. Choose out of 200K+ predefined points of interest or add your own.

Where is my user when he opens the app?

You will always know your user's last know location. The SDK makes it easy to retrieve it, allowing you to tailor your content or ads appropriately.

What is the profile of my user? Can I provide a tailored experience?

Using the location data we collect from users, we constantly define their preferences and profile, readily available to tailor your content or ads.

Can I improve user profiling by combining my own data?

Both the SDK & API allow you to share data about your user with our systems. That way you can combine store visits or 200+ variables with your own data to build even more specific profiles.

Can I prove the impact of in-app interactions?

We understand you don't want to fiddle around with too many SDKs. That is why ours allows you to collect interaction data to improve profiling or understand drive to store impact.

“With the DPG media data studio, we take pride in providing advertisers with relevant and trustworthy user data. The Accurat SDK and their location intelligence platform has helped us improve user profiling on a whole other level. Combined with our clickstream data, data quality takes a jump and so do results for our advertisers."

Olivier Van Zeebroeck
Head of digital advertising

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