Zip code research

Nowadays, customers are regularly asked about their zip code, if not at the checkout of a store then online when making a purchase. Once zip codes are collected, these data is often analysed with simple processing programs. The analysis provides insight into where customers come from,  thus the catchment area of stores. However, this way is not the most efficient and correct one, Accurat’s dashboard is! Accurat collects the location data and directly displays it in a convenient way on their dashboard. This way conclusions can be easily drawn and decisions can be made. Moreover, our dashboard offers many more insights than just the catchment area. 

Obtain valuable knowledge and insights about your catchment area.
Analyse actual customers behaviour

Discover where your customers come from and what distance they travel to your locations.

The catchment area can be determined for your brand by looking at all your stores or a specific store

In addition you can find out other insights regarding traffic, footfall, loyalty and so much more.

Gain insight into your competitors

Get an overview of where the customers of your competitors come from.

Benchmark the travelled distance of your customers with each of your competitors and with the (local) market average.

Compare also other KPIs with the one’s of your competitors to understand your position in the market.

Monitor your evolution

Analyse changes over time in terms of catchment area.

Compare also the behaviour of your customers over time using a wide range of KPIs.

Follow-up on the impact of your marketing efforts by tracking the targeted region over time.

Target effectively

Target zones that show a decrease in traffic with door-to-door campaigns as part of a retention strategy.

Broaden your catchment area by optimising the locations of new stores based on our insights.

Discuss the impact of your strategic choices easily with your colleagues using the export module.

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