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Accurat's press releases

Stay up to date with Accurat's latest press releases where we explain our location intelligence insights using practical examples.

Can customer loyalty limit the damage for Carrefour?

Since the start of the new year, Intermarché took over the Mestdagh stores from Carrefour. The 86 stores bring the total for Intermarché to 163 Belgian stores. With this show of force, the French challenger's market share is soaring at the expense of Carrefour. Retail data company Accurat studied visits to the acquired stores and evaluates the shift in more detail.
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Media market becomes the electronics market Black Friday winner

Friday was Black Friday. While Dille & Kamille closed its doors by way of a statement, other retailers were doing good business. For electronics deals, the category of choice during Black Friday, a lot of Belgians braved the autumn weather to bargain at their favorite electronics chain. And in doing so, there is one clear winner: Media Markt.
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Sales at Makro, the busiest period of the year

Anyone who stepped into a Makro this past weekend noticed an unusual bustle. The sale that marks the end of an era does not go unnoticed. Thanks to steep discounts on the entire assortment, these bargain days bring a real rush in the various branches. More even than the already very busy end-of-year period last year.
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Trends Article: Accurat reveals insights into shopping behaviour

Founders of scale-ups that have raised or are generating one million euros in annual turnover belong to a select group. Together with Scaleup Flanders, we are looking for those Flemish growth companies in the One Million Club.
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