Media market becomes the electronics market Black Friday winner

May 15, 2024
Bart Muskala
Friday was Black Friday. While Dille & Kamille closed its doors by way of a statement, other retailers were doing good business. For electronics deals, the category of choice during Black Friday, a lot of Belgians braved the autumn weather to bargain at their favorite electronics chain. And in doing so, there is one clear winner: Media Markt.

The phenomenon that came over from the United States is no longer unknown to us either. Friday was the moment once again. Many Belgians went out to get a bargain. "When we compare the visits on an average Friday to electronics chains of the past few weeks with the visits during Black Friday, we notice a clear winner." says Bart Muskala, CEO at Ghent-based data company Accurat. "Not only do all stores receive more visits, Media Markt additionally manages to strengthen its relative market position compared to its direct competitors. Not only do they get significantly more visitors at Media Markt than on an average Friday but, above all, they grow noticeably faster on 'Black Friday' compared to their main competitors." The company derives this insight from the travel behavior of more than 300,000 Belgians.

Market breakdown comparison - average friday and Black Friday

Slow start in 2022

When the data company analyzes the data more deeply, they notice an additional phenomenon. Comparing the visitor numbers to the chain the weeks and days prior to "Black Friday," a big difference can be noticed compared to a year earlier. Last year attracted a lot more visitors to the chain the days leading up to the discount holiday, this year the growth is limited to Black Friday itself. Curious to see what 2023 will bring.

Visits to Media Market, comparison 2021 vs 2022

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