Bart Muskala

CEO of Accurat. Retail enthousiast and entrepreneur enthousiast.

Five real-world retail success cases

We have analyzed the steps to success of retailers Praxis, Hornbach, Zeeman, Action, Kruidvat and Hoogvliet with real-world behaviour and looked at how much success this has provided.

Five different ways to look at customer loyalty

Customer loyalty has always been important but when retailers find themselves in tough times, it becomes crucial. We have defined customer loyalty in five different ways to help you understand your customers and in turn improve your loyalty strategies.

Optimizing Belgium's largest DIY retailer’s flyer distribution - Brico

Brico, one of Belgium's premiere home improvement and gardening stores, was confronted with a price hike in costs of their flyer distribution and decided to take action by through the help of Accurat's expertise.