Key audiences

Over the years marketing efforts have always been important for organisations. Hence, few organisations do not undertake marketing efforts but the question is if this happens in an effective and efficient manner. A crucial starting point is knowing your key audiences because those people need to be targeted with for example door-to-door campaigns. Accurat offers an extensive overview of your key audiences and those of your competitors together with a wide range of KPIs which gives you more insights into them. 

Understand how you can stand out by targeting more effective.
Get to know your key audiences

Discover which audiences based on demographics, social class, shopping behaviour or lifestyle you actually attract.

Define your own audiences based on your experiences with the audience builder.

Evaluate your audiences by comparing the brand penetration of each audience with the average category penetration.

Take your competitors into account

Determine which audiences the  competition is attracting more and which ones you are.

Get a detailed overview of each selected competitor on how they score on each audience of an audience group. 

Track your audiences over time to follow-up on the impact of marketing campaigns or special offerings.

Zoom in on an audience

Understand the attraction of a certain audience compared to all your competitors.

Observe which audience combination you attract the most. 

Monitor the evolution of selectivity compared to the previous year to always be aware of changes.

Target effectively

Target your key audiences with door-to-door campaigns in zones that have the highest selectivity for those  audiences.

Broaden your service area in a smart way by optimising your store network based on your key audiences.

Detect your perfect retailer neighbours by checking if you have the same audiences or non-overlapping audiences that are often combined.

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