Customer loyalty

We live in times where retailers face significant challenges making customer loyalty necessary to remain successful. Hence the relevance of customer loyalty cannot be underestimated. Strong brands are after all brands with a loyal customer base. This is why companies undertake many marketing efforts concerning customer loyalty. But the question is whether these efforts truly achieve their desired effect. Accurat’s insights provide an answer to this question. In addition, they also help you understand the current market dynamics, the impact of new market entrants and so much more. 

Understand the loyalty behaviour of your customers.
Find out how loyal your customers are

Discover how many of your customers visit your brand more than any other brand and thus are primary loyals

Compare with secondary loyals who combine your brand often with others brands. 

Spot the occasional shoppers that need be converted to loyal customers. 

Understand your competition

Compare your percentage of primary loyals to the percentage of your competitors to learn how you are really performing.

Get an overview of the brands your secondary loyals often combine you with. 

Benchmark the results of several KPIs such as frequency, recency and dwell time with the ones of your competitors.

Track your evolution

Find out how the market is evolving over time to detect changes in how brands are combined.

Analyse the implications  you face when a new entrant is coming to the market.

Monitor the impact of your marketing campaigns on loyalty to improve your return on investment.

Discover the impact of your actions

Gain an overview of the switching behaviour of your customers to analyse the impact of your strategic choices.

Detect how many visits were won and lost between you and your competitors in a certain period of time.

Understand that the more visit transfers you have the less loyal your customers are.

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