Insights dashboards

Fully understand your audiences' real-world behaviour to improve decision making

Different modules for your different needs

We offer a full range of dashboard modules, each delivering real-world behaviour understanding at your fingertips, ranging from brand & category insights, store & network evaluations, audience understanding & reach to media impact.

A tailored approach to fit your businesses expectations

Some brands prefer to keep an eye on a large list of competitors whereas others benchmark with a select few. You want your internal segmentation to be reflected in the dashboards? You cluster your stores in certain area groups? We'll set everything up together to make sure your dashboards fit your expectations.

Connect with your own data to enrich profile understanding

By connecting what you know about your customers (e.g. basket size, internal segmentation, e-shop behaviour...), we enrich their profiles for a more deep dive evaluation. Want to go even further? Integrate our SDK in your own apps and unlock even more features.

Customisation or consulting needed? Our partners know the drill

We hear it often: it's a lot to digest. Our network of partners can help you out. Or you need those insights a tidbit different? Chances are our roadmap will provide the answer, but you can always get our partners to tailor your dashboard for you.

Interested in our Insights Dashboards? Feel free to get in touch.

What is included in your dashboards? Can we have a look?

We explain quite a bit in our 'Solutions' section for each dashboard - see  brand & category insights, store & network evaluations, audience understanding & reach to media impact. To be honest, it's too much to explain perfectly clear, so the best way is to get access to our demo. Feel free to request it here.

What is the setup time? Do I need to involve our IT team?

Our solutions all run in your webbrowser, making it a breeze to get started. IT departements are not involved, unless you want to integrate some of your data with our dashboards to further tailor insights. This is optional and most customers don't start with this possibility from the start. So in short? No, not needed :-).

Are your results representative for my market?

We have access to a panel of 160.000 users in Belgium and even more in the Netherlands. We are constantly growing our database. On top of that, we normalize our data based on a number of factors, including zip codes where people live (as opposed to provinces mostly used in traditional research). Finally, we train our models ongoingly, even with your data if wanted to ensure our results are as representative as possible. Previous tests showed that we only show marginal (<5%) differences with ground truth data.

Do you know my competitors? Do we need to provide you the data?

We cover results for over 1.500 brands and 200.000 locations currently. Your brand & your competitors are most likely already integrated. In case they are not, we make sure everything will be added before we start our collaboration together. So no need for you to share any data, besides telling us the brands you prefer to analyze in detail. That way, we make sure to set things up according to your needs.

Do your panel members opt in? Is this all GDPR-proof?

Our business was built with a privacy by design mindset. We will never collect data without a proper and explicit GDPR consent. Our algorithms prevent profiling of users with regards to their sexual preference, health status, political or syndical preference. An automated model also detects the potential tracking of minors and stop automated profiling. An ethical standard even avoids the tracking or profiling of users for categories such as gambling or cigarettes and we never share our data with those parties.