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Accurat's blog posts

In our blog posts you will find the best location intelligence insights and actionable tips and tricks for specific problems you face in your industry.

All supermarket chains to lose in March 2024, except for one

Delhaize supermarket lost a lot of visits in March 2023 due to the ongoing strikes. However, this year the tables have turned. Discover how Delhaize supermarket performed this year.

Beyond Borders: Increase of Belgian Border Shoppers in Dutch Supermarkets due to Farmers' Protests

Farm protests in Belgium increase the number of border shoppers in Dutch supermarkets, according to Accurat's data. Discover the impact.

Fact-check: The rise of chicken dishes in the fast food industry in 2024

Chicken fast food chains continue to grow in popularity. Find out how chains like KFC and Belchicken are tapping into this trend.

Why retailers shouldn’t focus on foot traffic in 2024

Retailers have relied too long on the traditional approach of foot traffic. Actual visits are much more important, but why is that?

Location data for retailers - why does it matter in 2023?

In the ever-evolving retail landscape, the power of location data insights cannot be overstated. But why does it actually matter?

Beyond Borders: Jumbo's allure for Dutch shoppers in Belgian supermarkets

Unveiling how Dutch shoppers flock to Belgian Jumbo stores across the border. Explore data-driven strategies behind cross-border retail success with Accurat.

Analysing Belgian shopping street trends: rain VS temperature

Traffic, weather, temperature and regional dynamics. How have they influenced Belgian shopping street traffic? We analyzed the data.

Fact-Checking RetailTrends: Clearing the Clouds on Quieter Shopping Streets

RetailTrends reports a 2.5% decline in foot traffic in shopping streets. But does RetailTrends claim hold any truth? We compared this number to our own data. Let's unravel the reality behind the reported decline in foot traffic and reveal what lies beneath the surface.

Audience Segmentation Analysis: Comparing A.S. Watson Brands Kruidvat and ICI PARIS XL

Delve into the fascinating world of audience segmentation as we analyze A.S. Watson brands Kruidvat and ICI PARIS XL. Discover valuable insights into their attracting customer groups, empowering you to optimize your retail strategy effectively.

VRT Fact Check: 70% Rise in Cross-Border Shopping visits by Belgians

Discover the truth behind the 70% surge in Belgians' cross-border shopping at French supermarkets. Accurat's data analysis sheds light on the impact of economic shifts. Read on to uncover fascinating insights!

Five real-world retail success cases

We have analyzed the steps to success of retailers Praxis, Hornbach, Zeeman, Action, Kruidvat and Hoogvliet with real-world behaviour and looked at how much success this has provided.

Five different ways to look at customer loyalty

Customer loyalty has always been important but when retailers find themselves in tough times, it becomes crucial. We have defined customer loyalty in five different ways to help you understand your customers and in turn improve your loyalty strategies.

Five strategies for smart cost-cutting your door-to-door distribution budget

With paper prices going through the roof and taxes being imposed by a growing number of cities, cost-cutting your leaflet distribution is more important than ever before. We have listed five strategies to offer help you tackle this tricky job at hand.

Optimizing Belgium's largest DIY retailer’s flyer distribution - Brico

Brico, one of Belgium's premiere home improvement and gardening stores, was confronted with a price hike in costs of their flyer distribution and decided to take action by through the help of Accurat's expertise.

Location Intelligence as the key towards understanding Customer Loyalty

By applying location-based data in the heart of your enterprise, retailers have the ability to follow the evolutions of their brand and their biggest competitors through KPIs that enable benchmarking.

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