Campaign effectiveness

With numerous channels competing for consumers’ attention, understanding and comparing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns is crucial. Accurat’s dashboards provide metrics to analyze and evaluate your campaigns to ensure maximum impact and return on investment. Our campaign analysis tool empowers you to make data-driven decisions, fine-tune your marketing strategy, and ultimately drive growth in the highly dynamic retail landscape.

Unleash the potential of your marketing campaigns with a comprehensive analysis.
Observe your share of visits evolution

Gain insights into your share of visits during and after a campaign compared to a reference period.

Analyze the evolution to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign and its impact on customer engagement.

Filter by different zones to measure the impact of your campaign in different geographical area's.

Unravel the journey of your customers

Get an overview of the switching behaviour of your customers to understand the impact of your campaign.

Detect how many visits were won and lost between you and your competitors compared to a certain period of time.

Compare the period during or after your campaign to a standard reference to gain your net result.

Monitor the fluctuation of visits throughout various days

Analyze the percentage of visits switching between days for your own brand or a competitor, in comparison to a reference period.

Filter the results for both brut and net flows to conduct a more detailed analysis and gain insights into the dynamic nature of customer behaviour.

Uncover the dynamic landscape of market evolution across regions and days

Compare the relative share of visits evolution between two periods, the campaign or post-campaign period and a reference period.

Get valuable insights into the changes in visit share for you and your competitors.

Explore the evolution per region or per day.

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