Publisher solutions

Provide your targeted audience reach via our matchmaking platform and prove your impact

Collect first party data using our lightweight SDK

Embed our lightweight & battery efficient SDK in one or more of your mobile apps and start collecting location data of your app users, even when your app is in sleep mode or infrequently used.

Automatic real-world profiling of your app users

Our profiling engine daily re-scores your users to appoint to 200+ pre-defined audiences. Want something specific? Our audience builder allows you to create custom audiences, tailored to your specific needs or those of your advertisers.

Use your users' location to trigger ads, content or notifications

Target users based on their location, whether that is in your app using their last know location or by triggering a tailored message, based on their profile and current location. Our POI database of 200.000+ locations gets you started - no additional setup efforts required.

Connect your new data for cross-device, cross-brand targeting

Using our bi-directional API, you can connect all (your!) data to your own systems (CDP, DMP, ad server, CRM database...) and use our real-world profiling algorithms to target users cross-device across your different touchpoints.

Connect your inventory as relevant reach via our matchmaking platform

Advertisers rely on our Insights dashboards to better understand the reach they need. Once they decide who to reach, we connect them with your offering as we perfectly know your users' real-world behaviour. You're welcome!

Have our multi-touch attribution models prove your impact

Your advertisers might be wondering whether your touchpoints are actually contributing to their bottom line. Our multi-touch attribution models are your objective partner in crime to prove your impact by connecting your interactions with actual foot traffic.

And all that for free? For sure!

As an app publisher, you can integrate our solution free of charge via our 'Insights sharing partnership'. Aggregated insights are derived from your data that we share with advertisers. Don't like that? We'll tell you all about our 'dedicated data collection' solution or our no cure no pay model.

Interested in becoming a publisher partner? Feel free to get in touch.

How battery draining is your SDK?

Our SDK has been optimized to collect location data at all times, without impacting your battery. Most smartphones will have an average battery drainage of below 1% per day, making our SDK one of the most efficient background tracking solutions available.

What if users don't use my app too often?

Rest assured. Our background tracking methodology works for apps that are rarely to never used. Once activated, we keep on tracking your users providing them the ability to remind them when near a specific location, even when the app is rarely used.

Can we test the SDK before opting for a long-term engagement?

You can request an authentication key and our latest documentation to test the SDK in your own app. Test it thorougly, set up some notifications and once convinced (you will!), we'll enter into a discussion about a long term engagement.

You collect first party data. But how can it be free?

That is true! We believe in win-win partnerships. Our technology enables you to collect first party data, which we believe are crucial for future success. Our business model however is not about owning or collecting the data, it is about delivering insights to brands and - if you are a publisher - even bring them back to you using our matchmaking platform (where advertisers can decide to target specific audiences that you can help reach). That is why we are willing to drop your fee if we can use your data to derive aggregated insights that we can share with retail brands and advertisers.

If you don't like the feeling of your data being used, you are always welcome to pay a monthly fee. In this case, we calculate your monthly qualified users (users who were not just tracked, but for whom we have appointed profiles or who could be reached). A degressive rate card applies and all data is 100% yours.

Is your SDK and the data you collect secure?

Obviously yes! As we work with highly sensitive user data, we make sure to bring each possible risk down to zero. We have documented part of our efforts - including data partitioning, dual encryption, the use of TFA etc - in our knowledge base and are happy to explain you what else we are doing do further improve your data protection.

How do you deal with privacy? Is data collected GDPR-proof?

Our business was built with a privacy by design mindset. We will never collect data without a proper and explicit GDPR consent. Our algorithms prevent profiling of users with regards to their sexual preference, health status, political or syndical preference. An automated model also detects the potential tracking of minors and stop automated profiling. An ethical standard even avoids the tracking or profiling of users for categories such as gambling or cigarettes and we never share our data with those parties.