Audience Segmentation Analysis: Comparing A.S. Watson Brands Kruidvat and ICI PARIS XL

April 16, 2024
Jef De Niel
Delve into the fascinating world of audience segmentation as we analyze A.S. Watson brands Kruidvat and ICI PARIS XL. Discover valuable insights into their attracting customer groups, empowering you to optimize your retail strategy effectively.

Unraveling Audience Preferences:

Understanding the preferences of different customer groups is vital for retailers looking to stay ahead of the competition. In our analysis of Kruidvat and ICI PARIS XL, we discovered intriguing insights into the audiences each brand attracts.

1. Urban Residents

Our data analysis revealed an interesting insight into the shopping preferences of urban residents. ICI PARIS XL emerged as a clear favorite among this audience segment, showcasing a higher attraction compared to Kruidvat. The urban allure of ICI PARIS XL's offerings signifies a unique positioning for this brand, capturing the attention and loyalty of city-dwellers seeking premium beauty products and experiences.

2. Students

Both ICI PARIS XL and Kruidvat scored impressively in attracting student customers, indicating a shared appeal for this demographic The appeal of these retailers to the student demographic hints at the versatility of their product offerings and marketing strategies, which resonate well with the preferences of this young and dynamic consumer group.

3. Music Fans

One standout revelation from our analysis was ICI PARIS XL's distinct ability to connect with music enthusiasts. This unique affinity sets ICI PARIS XL apart from Kruidvat, suggesting that the brand's marketing initiatives and product curation strike a harmonious chord with music-loving consumers. By understanding the musical inclinations of their audience, ICI PARIS XL is poised to build deeper connections with this segment through relevant campaigns and partnerships.

4. Discount Shoppers

When it comes to attracting price-conscious consumers, both ICI PARIS XL and Kruidvat demonstrated a strong appeal. However, Kruidvat's allure to discount shoppers stood out, showcasing a particularly pronounced appeal to this savvy demographic. This insight allows Kruidvat to refine their promotions and pricing strategies, solidifying their position as a go-to destination for cost-effective shopping.

5. H&M Customers

Another interesting observation was ICI PARIS XL's significantly higher selectivity towards H&M customers compared to Kruidvat, suggesting a potential overlap in their target audiences.

A.S. Watson's audiences segmented

Why is leveraging your audience insights to important? 

Analyzing audience selectivity empowers retailers to make informed decisions about product assortments, marketing campaigns, and store experiences. Personalizing customer interactions, strengthening loyalty, and driving business growth become achievable goals when retailers understand the nuances of audience preferences.

1. Tailoring Product Assortments

Audience insights enable retailers to curate product assortments that precisely align with their customers' preferences and needs. By identifying the specific products and categories that resonate with different customer segments, retailers can optimize inventory management, minimize wastage, and offer a personalized shopping experience.

2. Crafting Effective Marketing Campaigns

Effective marketing begins with understanding who your target audience is and what drives their purchasing decisions. With audience segmentation, retailers can create highly targeted marketing campaigns that speak directly to the desires and pain points of each customer group. This personalization fosters a deeper connection with customers, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.

3. Elevating Store Experiences

An exceptional in-store experience can leave a lasting impression on customers and drive loyalty. Through audience insights, retailers can tailor their store layouts, visual merchandising, and customer service to cater to the preferences of their diverse customer base. This heightened focus on customer experience creates a welcoming and engaging atmosphere that keeps customers coming back.

4. Strengthening Customer Loyalty

Loyalty is the lifeblood of any successful retail business. By understanding the unique preferences and behaviors of different customer segments, retailers can nurture stronger relationships with their audience. Offering personalized rewards, exclusive promotions, and tailored communication cultivates a sense of belonging and encourages repeat purchases.

5. Driving Business Growth

t the core of leveraging audience insights lies the pursuit of growth. By making data-driven decisions, retailers can optimize their operations, capitalize on market trends, and seize new opportunities. With a deep understanding of their customer base, retailers can confidently innovate, expand into new markets, and stay ahead of the competition.


The world of audience segmentation offers a treasure trove of knowledge for retailers. By understanding the distinct customer groups attracted by A.S. Watson brands Kruidvat and ICI PARIS XL, retailers can tailor their strategies to engage and captivate their target audiences. Embrace the power of audience insights, and let your retail success soar to new heights.

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