Visit moments

Nowadays, understanding actual customer behaviour is a must to be successful as a business. In addition to knowing when your customers come to your stores and how long they stay, you also want to know how when consumers go to competitors and how long they stay there. This way, smart strategic decisions can be made about staff scheduling, Sunday shopping et cetera. Accurat's dashboard offers insight into actual customer behaviour on both you and your competitors. A wide range of KPIs enable you to see the full picture. 

Understand how consumers actually behave in the market.
Gain insight into your service moments

Find out which days your brand in general or a specifiek store is mostly visited.

Spot the percentage of visitors per time period on average for all days or for a specific day

Compare with your competitors

Observe when consumers mostly visit your (local) competitors

Benchmark your busiest hours per day with the ones of your competition. 

Notice the difference in how much time consumers spend in your stores compared to your competitors.

Understand the impact of Sunday shopping

Detect which competitors are open on Sunday and how many visits they have.

Track how many of your customers are going to those competitors on Sunday.

Compare your market share with competitors that are open on Sunday. 

Follow-up on the impact of your actions

Open some of your stores on Sundays and monitor the evolution in share of visits.

Observe changes in busiest days or share of minutes due to marketing campaigns or special offerings. 

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