Traffic insights

It is generally known that informed decision-making contributes to the success and profitability of a business. Having knowledge about the traffic in the neighbourhood of a store location helps you make informed decisions regarding optimisation of your existing network, store expansion, competition, target market analysis and marketing strategies. For example, in a crowded shopping street you assume you have many customers but what is the actual percentage that enters your store and the one of your competitors? Discover these insights and so much more on Accurat's dashboard.

Unlock the potential of traffic insights to elevate your decision-making process.
Understand your surroundings

Observe the average weekly traffic together with the most popular hours and days

Get an overview of the traffic per transport mode along with their average speed. 

Discover demographic information about passing traffic.

Find out if you attract the traffic

Detect the conversion rate by looking at the percentage of traffic that is visiting your store. 

Compare the conversion rate between your stores to discover which store has the highest rate.

Compare with your competitors

Benchmark your conversion rate with competitors in the same shopping street/area. 

Determine the percentage of traffic that combines your store with one of the competition. 

Discover the average conversion rate per category in your neighbourhood to find out which type of stores are perfect neighbours. 

Track your evolution

Monitor the traffic and conversation rate over time to notice changes and key moments.

Detect the impact of new strategies such as targeting a different audience with a campaign.

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