Strike analysis

In recent years there is a trend of more strikes which makes understanding the impact of strikes vital in strategic decision-making. Whether assessing the impact of your own strike or analyzing the consequences of strikes initiated by others, accurate measurement is key. By tracking key metrics and evaluating consequences, hidden opportunities can be uncovered, successful tactics can be identified, and strategies can be fine-tuned.  

Unlock the strategic power of strike analysis and elevate your decision-making capabilities.
Revealing the visit drop over time

Evaluate the visit drop and monitor gradual recovery.

Compare with market visits pre-strike as a reference period to identify trends and customer dynamics.

Filter to specific zones to compare the impact of strikes in different zones.

Understand the visit transfer dynamics

Discover to which brands your loyal customers converted because of the strike.

Get an overview per competitor of the percentage of visits they won during the strike compared to a reference period.

Compare also the percentages of the weeks after the strike to a reference period.

Gain local insights per brand

Gain insights into the distribution of national visits won per brand.

Understand in which Nielsen area each brand won the most visits.

Understand the impact per Nielsen area

Explore the percentages of visits won for each brand per region.

Compare the percentages of the strike period with pre-strike and after-strike percentages.

Identify trends and customer dynamics, and fluctuations associated with strikes.

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