Local challenges

It is of importance to have an overview of the performance of your individual stores as it can fluctuate significantly due to local challenges. However, several stores may face similar challenges such as a store renovation or road works. It is valuable to track and compare the impact of these challenges on stores using the KPIs found on Accurat’s dashboards. This way, preventive measures can be considered for stores that find themselves in similar situations in the future. 

Understand temporary market shifts in a store's local market.
Examine the impact on your store performance

Observe the impact of renovating your store, road works et cetera on the performance of your store.

Use a wide range of KPIs such as frequency, loyalty and recency to get insight in the performance. 

Benchmark the KPIs of a specific store with the average values over all your stores.

Take your local competitors into account

Detect the impact of a new competitor in the local market of a specific store.

Discover the market shifts due to renovations to one of your own store’s or the store of a close competitor. 

Compare the KPIs of your store and those of local competitors to understand the impact of roadworks.

Monitor the evolutions of your KPIs

Benchmark the KPIs during and after the challenges with the ones from a reference period. 

Compare evolutions of KPIs across different stores

Get insight into trends between stores that face similar challenges

Speed up your recovery

Take action to gain back customers that went to local competitors.

Put a campaign in place to ensure your share of visits rises back up.

Evaluate the campaign by comparing the share of visit evolution before and during/after the campaign.

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