Focus analysis

To make thoughtful strategic choices, a brand must know how they are performing. Usually brands measure their performance with aggregated metrics that are calculated over their different stores. But sometimes strategic choices are not made at the national level because for example there is different shopping behaviour in certain zones. That’s why sometimes it’s more interesting to analyse different provinces, regions, types of stores et cetera separately. With Accurat’s dashboard you can filter by a certain zone or group of stores and get an overview of a wide range of KPIs.

Understand your store performance more in depth.
Understand how your stores are different

Filter by a certain Nielsen area, province or region to have a more detailed view of certain stores. 

Or create your own groups of stores based on distribution centres, type of store, size of store et cetera.  

After your focus is determined, zoom in on the performance of the stores with a wide range of KPIs such as recency and share of visits. 

Benchmark your performances

Compare the different Nielsen areas, provinces or regions with each other using the KPIs to know on which stores you should focus extra.

Benchmark your KPIs with those of your competitors because different geographical zones have different competitive landscapes

Detect differences between your customised groups of stores to make informed strategic decisions 

Track your evolution

Follow up on the KPIs of certain geographical zones or customised groups of stores period by period.

Find out how the KPIs evolve compared to your competitors to react in a timely manner.

Compare easily the evolutions between the zones and customised groups to identify trends in terms of performance.

Fine-tune your efforts

Target specific geographical zones with door-to-door campaigns as part of an acquisition or retention strategy in those zones.

Monitor the impact of your marketing efforts for certain zones or groups of stores to adjust when they are not effective. 

Report easily with the export module to inform your colleagues about the impact of your strategic choices. 

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