Event analysis

It is common for companies to develop and implement multiple marketing strategies. A possible strategy is event marketing which encompasses a wide range of tactics, from setting up a promotional booth to displaying advertising banners. These marketing efforts take a lot of time and/or resources making it relevant for businesses to assess its effectiveness. This way, informed conclusions can be drawn for the future. Using a wide range of KPIs on Accurat dashboard, the effectiveness of event marketing can be determined.

Understand the impact of your marketing efforts.
Get a global overview

Find out the number of visitors of the event and compare to the previous edition.

Observe the service area of the event by checking where the vistors come from.

Spot the busiest hours (per day) during the event.

Understand the impact

Discover per region the percentage of visitors that went to the event and visited one of your stores afterwards.

Benchmark the drive-to-store impact over time by comparing the visits originating from the event visitors with visits from regular visitors.

Compare the evolution of visits between all visitors to your stores and the ones that went to the event.

Gain insight into your competition

Compare the percentage of event visitors that went to one of your stores with the percentage that went to your competitors.

Notice the difference in evolution of visits between you, one of your competitors and the market average. 

Benchmark the audiences that went to the event and visited one of your stores with those of your competitors.

Find out which competitors you are combined with and whether this differs for the event visitors.

Draw your conclusions and act accordingly

Determine if attending the event was beneficial to decide whether you will be present again in the future.

Focus the next event on other audiences if you notice competitors are attracting more visitors afterwards.

Monitor the impact of campaigns and special offering after an event to attract more customers.

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