KPI evolution

In today's dynamic environment that retail has become, change is occurring rapidly. As a result, organisations need to constantly refresh themselves and adapt to environmental changes. Strategies need to be adjusted at a similar pace to adapt to market changes in order to remain competitive. It is of utmost importance to define, follow-up on and adjust the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that best match your strategy. Luckily, today a broad set of potential KPIs is available for monitoring your strategy and that of your competitors.

Understand the impact of your strategic choices.
Define & track the evolution of your strategy-related KPIs

Choose the most relevant KPIs that help best track your progress. Acquisition focused goals track market penetration, whereas retention goals might be best served with average frequency or (primary) loyalty KPIs.

Regularly follow up on your main KPIs in a glimpse of an eye, period by period.

Focus on your own brand or benchmark with your competitors by the click of a button.

Understand the strategic implications of your actions

Monitor on a daily basis your KPIs to evaluate your strategic changes. 

Tracking your KPIs makes the impact of your strategic choices immediately clear.

By quickly detecting abnormalities you can intervene in time and adjust your strategy.

Compare with how your market is evolving

Find out how your KPIs evolve compared to the one's of your competitors.

Detect the impact of your strategic choices on your competitors.

React when strategic changes put you in a weaker market position.

Make sure that everybody is on the same page

In addition to daily monitoring, report easily with the export module.

Inform your colleagues about the changes in the KPIs to better discuss your strategic choices with our alerting service.

Transparency on impact will increase the likelihood of successful strategic change.

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