Local store & network insights

Understand local differences and benchmark with local competitors

Some of the questions we help answer...

Who are your local competitors and how does your traffic compare?

Benchmark your 'share of visits' over time for individual stores and compare traffic with your (in)direct competitors.

What is your local catchment area? Where do your customers come from?

Understand the ZIP codes your customers are coming from and the distance they are willing to bridge to visit your locations.

Is your remodelling attracting new customers? Do you appeal to new ones?

Compare impact before and after your remodelling to understand how your customers' visits or loyalty behaviour changed or whether you are attracting specific audiences since re-opening.

Did a new local entrant attract your customers? Did you lose any?

Use the store & network dashboard to understand the impact of a new local competitor. Did your customers switch? How many did you lose?

What is the potential of a future location? Is your 'typical audience' present?

Every brand attracts customers with a specific behaviour. Understand for your future (re)allocations whether your typical customers are passing by your new location already.

“Accurat has provided us insights about each of our showrooms that we use to benchmark with local competitors & derive actionable insights."

Peter Zijlstra
Marketing Director Benelux

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