Prove media & advertising impact

Analyze drive-to-store impact of your media campaigns, both addressable & mass media

Some of the questions we help answer...

What was your reach? Do your media efforts generate extra traffic? Is your footfall growing?

Our models count actual reach and calculate the impact of your media efforts in terms of additional traffic to your stores. For digital folders, door-to-door, (D)OOH or even mass media, we evaluate drive-to-store impact.

What is your ROAS (return on ad spent) for your campaign or different media?

We help you understand the ROAS based on your campaign cost and the actual impact in terms of additional visits. We even calculate business impact in order to understand your media ROI fully.

What audiences were impacted most? And when? Did they convert as intended?

Evaluate for each campaign whether you attracted your intended audiences. Discover whether you grow your market penetration for a specific audience as a result of your campaign or not.

Did your acquisition campaign attract 'switchers'? Or had it a retention effect?

Knowing people's regular go-to-stores, we evaluate whether your campaign has attracted new customers for the first time or rather bring back lost switchers.

How do your media efforts benchmark with others? Are you beating industry averages?

You can compare your own campaigns side by side. And for a growing number of partners, we shared aggregated statistics so you can better understand how you measure up against industry benchmarks.

“We managed to analyze our print folders' drive to store contribution & improved our distribution for future success”.

Britta Rhym, Marketing director

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