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How effective were the campaigns of the different Dutch supermarkets?

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    Compare visits at your brand locations with those at your competitors
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    Benchmark your progress compared to last year
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    What is your share of visits? How are you performing?
“As a CMI department, trustworthy data is of essence. Accurat's strategic insights have proven to be a new cornerstone."

Delphine De Noyette
Strategy Manager

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Every industry is different. That is why we tailor our solutions to cater to the specifics of your market.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a free personalised report to which you can subscribe below. You'll be able to explore a limited version of our insights tailored to your brand.

Can I get started right away?

Hell yeah! Since we have a large backlog of historical data there's no need for sales, survey or any other form of data from your side. We can get started in no time!

How can I access Accurat's insights?

You can access our data & insights through our dashboards. From your end there is no hardware required. However, all our insights are exportable via multiple formats from within the platform.

Who can access the dashboard?

We have a company-wide user policy. Who gets access, within your company is entirely up to you with no user count limit.

Do I pay monthly, quarterly or yearly?

All Accurat contracts are designed for a one year commitment since we found this is the required time for you to get the most out of our tools. Payment is usually monthly but can be organised yearly (with financial rebate).

Are there any setup or hidden fees?

Rest assured our offer couldn't be more transparent. You only pay for what you use. The initial setup costs on our part are spread out over the duration of the contract and are included in the monthly pricing.

Can I share data or reports outside my organization?

Absolutely! We provide you with insights on your brand, your competitors and your relevant audiences. You can export data however you please (generate PDF's, export CSV's, cut & paste, e-mail reports..)

Can I upgrade or downgrade / switch plans?

Obviously yes! We have a basic offering with brand, audience and market insights. If you need insights on a local level or want to analyse out-of-home or door-to-door campaigns we can set you up in no time. You only pay for the insights you need.

Does your offer include support?

Once we partner up you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager. We offer 2 hours of monthly support in our paid contracts included which does not require an additional fee. If more support is needed, for ad-hoc questions, we make you a personalised offer.