How are you performing as a restaurant brand? How do your competitors do?

Accurat provides detailed traffic analytics for restaurants, fast food & QSR including visitation over time, national, per Nielsen area & on an individual restaurant level and allows to benchmark results on KPIs with your competitors.

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As having lunch & dinner remains a true real-world activity, we believe it is time to understand the bigger picture.

Restaurants of all sorts have reported a massive downturn in the context of Covid-19 and continue to face significant challenges to date. Many of these challenges can be better understood, even overcome using Accurat’s insights based on location intelligence.

Up until now, as a restaurant brand, if you wanted to understand your customers, you had to rely on archaic methods. Market research polling a fraction of your customer base was the go-to-solution to receive insights with a delay of weeks if not months. In times where speed is of essence, delays this long are no longer an option. On top of that, declared research methodologies like this provide a clear declaration bias.

Today, Accurat provides understanding of your customers based on analyzing actual behaviour, measured for hundreds of thousands of users and freshly delivered every day again.

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Compare traffic & the evolution of KPIs such as market penetration, loyalty, frequency & more for your brand and that of your competitors.

Our 'overview' dashboard sheds a light and can easily be shared with your colleagues in different departments.

Brand & Category - KPI overview module
Dive deeper to understand the long term evolutions of key performance indicators for your brands and that of your competitors.

Compare all key performance indicators for the last 13 months. See how you are doing and compare with your competitors.

Brand & Category - KPI evolution module
Understand true customer loyalty and know the brands you are winning from (or loosing to) compared to last year or the previous period.

Accurat allows you to compare metrics over time, whether you want to understand evolutions vs last year or want to follow up on recent changes.

Brand & Category - Visit transfer module
Discover many more insights we deliver to help you see the bigger picture.
Brand & Category - Catchment area module

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    Benchmark results with competitors and overall category averages and know how are you performing
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“As a CMI department, trustworthy data is of essence. Accurat's strategic insights have proven to be a new cornerstone."

Delphine De Noyette
Strategy Manager