Five real retail success stories

Success in retail is all about more customers, repeat customers and bigger shopping baskets. Each of these metrics can be broken down into a large number of factors.

Think of them as knobs you can turn to increase your success as a retailer.For example, you can increase the number of customers coming to you by appealing to new audiences or opening new stores. How often customers return depends on factors such as visit frequency and to what extent your stores are combined with competitors.

Finally, basket size is influenced by factors such as dwell time and (share of) category visits.We examined five cases of renowned retailers who try to increase their success by influencing these factors.

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A new concept store
In their quest for success, Zeeman gradually switched to a new store concept.

We compared the visits at the national level with the visits of the store with a new concept, Zeeman Ermelo.

Conclusion: the new concept in Ermelo is a success. Zeeman in Ermelo attracts more customers than the regular Zeeman stores.
Influence of new concept store of Zeeman
ICI Paris XL and Kruidvat visits
Success through insights into your audience
Find out how one brand's audience matches or differs from another's. We looked at the differences and similarities in target audiences for ICI PARIS XL and Kruidvat.

Some striking insights: Kruidvat attracts many discount shoppers and students.

ICI Paris XL has many customers who live in the city and also visit fashion chain H&M.
Success through stealing market share
What does the arrival of a new Hoogvliet store in Rotterdam do to the performance of the other supermarkets in the Pendrecht and Zuidwijk districts?

It is remarkable that Hoogvliet grabs almost 8% market share in this area within a short period of time and that in this case Dirk was the most resistant to the arrival of a new player.
Hoogvliet Market Share
Gamma competitors
Succes through store expansion
To determine where Hornbach could best open its next branch, we did a white spot analysis.

Then we started looking at relevant potential (based on nearest competitors, demographics, behavior of potential customers, etc.) to find the location that will ensure the greatest reach and success.
Succes due to perfect neighbours
Some brands reinforce each other and are therefore often located near each other. In our conversations with the largest retailers in the Benelux, Action is almost unanimously mentioned as a traffic builder and perfect neighbor.

We put this to the test at a location in central Netherlands and found out that this is not always the case. One neighbor of Action remained virtually unaffected (Jumper) and the other even lost a significant amount of visitors (Trekpleister).
Action and Trekpleister visits

Five cases, each of which was intended to be more successful.

However, not every step actually turned out to be a success. Curious about the analysis of one of your stores, a new concept or another step towards success?Leave your details here.