Accurat vs. MyTraffic for location analytics

Discover how our data is different from other solutions and why real-world behaviour data is extremely powerful for your future decision making.

Accurat and MyTraffic are both great analytics solutions. But what if MyTraffic just doesn't fill your needs? As a MyTraffic alternative, Accurat stands out as so much more than a footfall & expansion tool. With Accurat's powerful dashboards you get insight into your actual clients' behaviour, your competitors and use that data for use cases beyond expansion.



How it works?
800.000+ share location data to derive store insights across industries.

gps coördinates collected to calculate footfall around an address

Nature of panel
Proprietary SDK for data-collection


Representativity models in use
Socio demographic
Sublocality level
Ticket data

Sublocality level

Insights to derive
Market penetration
Budget spent
Share of visits
Visit transfer
Dwell time
Transport insights
Audiences attracted


Depth of insights
Store level
Custom store groups

✗ Circle around point of interest

Audience profiling
RF(M) & loyalty
Socio demographic
Behavioural intent

✗ Only passers-by are profiled on sociodemographic variables (age, gender)

Drive to store evaluation model
Incremental visits measured

✗ Not possible

Competitor benchmarking
Unlimited # of brands

✗ Comparison only of visitors passing by your store and that of competitors

Time-based comparisons
Back to 01/2020 for all competitors & parameters

Back to 01/2020 (footfall only)

Service model
Daily updated web-based dashboards for all parameters & brands

Daily updated web-based dashboards for your addresses

Delivery times
Near realtime

Near realtime

Building shapes for all of the locations of your brand and all locations of your competitors

Radius & street segments for your selection of addresses

Day specific (e.g. Saturday 01/04/2022)

Averages (e.g. an average Saturday)

Long-term contract for all locations (current & future) of your brand & competitors

Pricing for # of address insights via long-term engagement

MyTraffic is a powerful solution if you are looking into a general overview on footfall traffic within a radius of a coordinate or an address.

The same footfall insights are available on the Accurat platform along with much more detail (including car, bike, bus transport insights) and many more parameters to benchmark across locations of your brand and that of competitors.

If you're looking for in-depth brand, store & consumer insights & analysis platform, Accurat seems to be a better fit providing insights on all locations on a 'visit' basis instead of a 'passers-by' definition using complex building shapes for each POI (point of interest).

Let's compare the dashboards

GFB Dashboard, Accurat comparison
Accurat Dashboard example to compare with GFB

Let's explain Accurat a bit better

Let's explain once again what Accurat does and especially what wecan do for you.