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Some of the questions we help answer...

How does your location traffic compare to your competitors?

Benchmark your 'share of visits' over time for your brand and evaluate with your (in)direct competitors.

How does traffic at your dealerships compare to your competitors?

Benchmark the 'share of visits' over time for your showrooms and evaluate with traffic at your competitors.

What is your market penetration & are your customers truly loyal?

Understand your market penetration and benchmark with your competitors. Understand your 'true loyals' or those combining you with your competitors.

What audiences do you attract and what is your relevant competitive field?

Compare your market penetration & loyalty stats for 200+ pre-defined audiences. Create custom audiences based on real-world behaviour and understand all relevant brand metrics.

Where did your 'switchers' went? Do you have a net influx of customers?

Accurat provides insights in your customers' category visits and evaluate to what extent they have switched to your brand coming from others (or the other way round). Both for all customers or for specific audiences.

Who are your true 'perfect neighbours'? What other stores do your customers visit?

Get a better understanding of all the other brands your customers visit. Focus on specific categories to evaluate what future partnerships to pursue or where to position your next location.

“As a CMI department, trustworthy data is of essence. Accurat's strategic insights have proven to be a new cornerstone."

Delphine De Noyette
Strategy Manager

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